12th World AIDS Conference
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Why were you a Volunteer for the AIDS Conference?


"Because I believe that we are on this planet in order to give what we have to those who do not have anything. What I do know how to do might be good for others."
–  Flavio, Brazil

"To help other people to understand what is AIDS and the importance of this disease I think the more important is to give the right information."
–  Katia, Switzerland

"I got some friends who died about AIDS and for me it is a major challenge for this century."
–  Jean-Louis, Switzerland

"I am interested in learning more about AIDS and meeting people involved with AIDS research and prevention. In addition, I am doing my thesis on a topic related to AIDS."
– Patricia, USA

"My background in journalism has inspired an interest in all aspects of humanity, from the problems we face, to the causes and ultimately to the solutions."
–  Emma, France

"I am HIV-positive, and I would like to offer my time and competencies."
–  Serge, France

"Living closely together with a person who is HIV-positive, I would like to contribute to the Conference."
–  Sylvie, Switzerland

"Because I am Vietnamese and am concerned how many people in my and other countries are living with HIV/AIDS."
–  Truong Vu, Switzerland


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