12th World AIDS Conference
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Chairman's Office

Dr. B.Hirschel

Professor Bernard Hirschel, Conference Chairman, is head of the HIV/AIDS Unit at the University Hospital in Geneva. He is a physician, specialising in infectious diseases, and his research had centered on HIV infection. Dr. Hirschel is consultant to the Government of Geneva in regard to HIV/AIDS. He chairs both the Swiss commission on the clinical aspects of AIDS and the scientific board of the Swiss cohort study, in addition to being a member of the Swiss Commission for AIDS Research.

Mr. W. H. Lindner

Playing a key role in the development and growth of the Secretariat, W.H. "Chip" Lindner, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, studied the North-South issues in relation to the Conference and served as the focal point with the bilateral and multilateral international community.

Ms. A. Kleymeyer Ana Maria Kleymeyer joined the Conference team in September as the Assistant to the Chairman's office. She provided support to both Bernard Hirschel and W.H. Lindner in their work. A Cuban-American from Washington D.C., Ana Maria joined the Conference in August 97.
Ms. M. Girod Monique Girod is Professor Hirschel's secretary. She has been working with him for the last 10 years, at the Cantonal Hospital.

Community Planning

Mr. K. Morrison

Overseeing the development and implementation of all the Community Aspects of the Conference was Ken Morrisson, Community Coordinator. In addition to supervising the staff of the Community Planning Department, Ken ensured the linkages between the scientific and community aspects of the Conference programme. Ken was the Community Forum Coordinator at the Vancouver Conference.

Ms M. Duckett Margaret Duckett was the Community Programming Coordinator. She was responsible for programming the content of this event, as well as the Community Symposia, Orientation and Summary sessions. Her groundbreaking work in the Community response to AIDS in Australia, and her health services consultancies in the Asia/Pacific region, are among the many reasons that made Margaret an invaluable member of our team.

Mr. D. Vuichard

Working closely with the Community Coordinator was Dominic Vuichard, Community Project Manager. He coordinated the many community projects associated with the Conference such as the community village and the PWA lounge and assisted the work of the Local Community Committee.

Mr. C. Park Christopher Park, Community Liaison Officer, was responsible for communications within the community sector. Christopher organised and produced newsletters, worked on the Community Liaison Network (CLN) and was responsible for the correspondence within the Community Planning Department. Christopher had been with the Conference since May 1997.
Mr. M. Häusermann Michael Häusermann was the Cultural Programme Coordinator. His task was to develop a Cultural Programme that promoted interactions between Conference participants and the population of Geneva. Active in the fight against AIDS since 1985, Michael joined the team at the beginning of November 1997.
Ms. M. Myaya Mary Myaya, Skills Building Coordinator, was responsible for the development of the skills building programme. She had a background in community health education, experience in training programme development and programme evaluation, and joined the Secretariat in January 1998.

Scholarship Programme

Ms. I. Giordano

Ida Giordano, Coordinator of the Scholarship Programme, was responsible for overseeing the entire scholarship programme, designed to facilitate attendance of at least 1000 delegates from around the world who otherwise would not be able to attend. Ida held the same position at the Vancouver Conference and joined the Geneva Secretariat in August 1997.

Mr. Fred McMullen Fred McMullen, the Scholarship Programme Assistant, was in charge of Communication & Administration for the Scholarship Programme. Fred has a solid background in project management, and for the last year had been maintaining the English language portion of HivNet.ch. Fred came to Geneva from New York in 1996, and joined the Conference in October 1997.
Mr. Thomas Schaffer Thomas Schaffer, Scholarship Programme Assistant, was in charge of travel and logistics. Thomas has a great deal of experience as an international travel specialist. Before joining the Conference, Thomas worked for 3 years for The International Committee of the Red Cross. He joined the staff in November 1997.


Scientific Planning

Ms. S. Peel

With the Chairman of the Scientific Planning Committee, Suzi Peel, Scientific Planning Coordinator, established the scientific aspects of the Conference. Suzi supervised all activities relating to the Abstract process, meetings of the SPC and the scientific programme. Suzi had been with the Conference since December 1996 and was instrumental in setting up the Secretariat.


Ms. C. Leach-Lemens

Carole Leach-Lemens, External Relations Manager, was responsible for the various outreach materials, as well as serving as a liaison between the Conference and its external press consultants. A native of England, Carole joined the Conference in September 1997 after spending several years in New York.

Ms. A. Glover

Abigail Glover, Publications Officer,  was responsible for developing and coordinating a range of publications for the Conference. Abigail joined the Conference in October 1997, after working as an editor in London for the past 5 years.

Mr. R. Schmieder

Randy Schmieder formed a link between the content (Science, Community) and the technology to provide it (IT Staff) as consulting Web Editor on behalf of m.c. art design communications. Specialising in image work, he developed many of services provided on the site as well as the early Conference image. Randy had been contributing to the Conference since early 1997.


Mr. B. McDougal

Bruce McDougal was the Director of Administration of the Geneva Secretariat and was responsible for its day-to-day operation, as well as for the hiring and supervising of staff and for organising the various committee meetings. A native of the Midwestern United States, Bruce joined the Geneva Secretariat in January 1998 after practising law in Washington, DC for the past eight years.

Mr. F. Mingorance

Francisco Mingorance was the Local Fund Raising Manager, responsible for liaising with local and Swiss companies.  President of HivNet.ch, Francisco joined the Conference in July 1997.

Mr. B. Allemand

Bernard Allemand was the General Finance Manager of the Conference. Bernard coordinated financial aspects of the Conference including providing financial analyses and projections, cost and cash flow forecast as well as day-to-day supervision of the budget.

Mr. N. Matute

Nelson Matute was the Financial Coordinator for the Volunteer Office. Originally from Honduras, he had been living in Geneva for many years. He was especially interested in the social aspects of the Conference and joined the team in February 1998.

Ms. Jackie Filippi

Jackie Filippi, our receptionist, always had a smile and a kind word for visitors and made every effort to see that inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate person. Fluent in French, English and Italian, Jackie answered the main switchboard at +41 22 737 33 44.

Mr. Katem'o Kititi

Willy Kititi provided overall general and technical office support to the Secretariat. Willy is  a native of Zaire and has been in the Geneva area for several years. He joined the Conference in February 1998.

Information Technology (IT)

Mr. V. Gabriel

Victor Gabriel, IT Manager, was responsible for the overall coordination of the IT services, and in addition to his responsibilities with the Conference, Victor was also responsible for managing the IT in the Infectious Disease Division of the Geneva Cantonal Hospital. A Portuguese national, who grew up in Zaire, Victor had lived in Geneva for 23 years.

Mr. R. Machado

Ricardo Machado, IT Manager Associate, shared with Victor Gabriel the responsibility for the design and implementation of the IT services, as well as the Conference web site, and the Secretariat LAN. A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ricardo joined the staff in May 1997.

Ms. S. Du Pasquier Suzanne Du Pasquier served as Volunteer Training Coordinator, developing the volunteer staff needed to help participants easily use the IT services provided during the Conference. Suzanne came to the Conference in February 1998 after working in software marketing in London.
Mr. A. von Reyn Adam von Reyn assisted in configuring and maintaining the vast number of computer resources available for Delegates at Palexpo. Adam originally came the Conference in 1996 to help lay software foundations with the IT Staff, and was currently a student at the University of Vermont.

Volunteer Programme

Ms. V. Krebs

Viola Krebs, Volunteer Coordinator, was responsible for the Volunteer Programme Staff and recruiting and training of the army of volunteers necessary for both the Secretariat Office and the Conference itself. Having worked in the field of HIV/AIDS in the past, Viola joined the Conference in May 1997.

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