12th World AIDS Conference
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Abstracts online/Itinerary Builder Three Ways to Find a Presentation

  1. Abstracts On-line
    [Online search programme]

  2. Update CD-ROM
    The complete Update CD-ROM, containing oral and poster presentations, late-breakers and most of the presentations of speakers (voice, picture and selected slides) is now available for direct purchase through the Internet.

  3. Schedules
    The "Schedule at Glance" or "Schedule from the Conference Workbook" (below) may help locate specific presentations not based on abstracts. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

    Schedule at a Glance
    [26, 27 & 28 Jun][Mon 29 Jun]
    [Tue 30 Jun][Wed 1 Jul][Thu 2 & Fri 3 Jul]
    [all days in one file]

    Schedule from the Conference Workbook
    [26, 27 & 28 Jun][Mon 29 Jun]
    [Tue 30 Jun][Wed 1 Jul][Thu 2][Fri 3 Jul][satellite meetings]
  4. One-time Updates
    [Entire Scientific Programme
    (updated 1 June 1998)

    [Changes in the Community Programme
    (updated 4 June 1998)


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Brief Overview
of the Programme
Related Meetings
Friday, 26 June Community Rendez-Vous
Opening Plenary
Saturday, 27 June Registration, Community Rendez-Vous
Regional Meetings

Network Meetings

American Medical Association aidsdot.gif (807 bytes) Association Nurse 98 Community Treatment and Science Workshop International Symposium on HIV Prevention Universities of Nairobi and Manitoba Groupe Sida Genève International Christian AIDS Network Friends and Family AIDS Panel Workshop University of California International Fed. of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies NIAID Indian Health Organisation
Official opening day Orientation Sessions, Registration

Opening Ceremony

Welcoming Reception

Joint Meeting  ICW and IAS Women’s Caucus Harvard AIDS Institute ICW Meeting George Meany Center IAS – Caucus for Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual Concerns International Forum for Accessible Science UNDP International DNCB Foundation ULACETS  European Immunomodulation Interest Group MSD F.Hoffmann-La Roche University of Alabama School of Medicine Glaxo Wellcome International Symposium on HIV Prevention University of Southern California 
Monday, 29 June Abstracts, Community Symposia, Skills Building Agouronn Family Health International Hong Kong AIDS Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Essex Chemie AG/ Schering Plough
Tuesday, 30 June Summaries, Abstracts, Symposia, Bridging Sessions, Community Symposia, Skills Building DuPont US Dept. of Health Middle East Regional Network Boehringer Ingelheim Population Services Int'l NCIH/USAID IAVI World  Foundation AIDS Research and Prevention PE Applied Biosystems
Wednesday, 1 July Summaries, Abstracts, Symposia, Bridging Sessions, Community Symposia & Skills Building BTG Interferon Cedars-Sinai Medical Center US Dept. of Health Triangle UK Coalition Gilead Sciences MATEP Positive Action
Thursday, 2 July Summaries, Abstracts, Symposia, Bridging & Grand Round Sessions, Community Rendez-Vous & Skills Building Genentech Immune Response Corporation US Dept.of Health ROW Sciences Joint Meeting ICW and IAS Women’s Caucus Abbott International US Dept.of Health
Last day of the Conference! Late Breakers, Closing Ceremony -