12th World AIDS Conference
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How to find a volunteer to helpVolunteers were here to help!
Approximately 100 volunteers were been specifically trained to help Conference Delegates use this site. Volunteers could be be found at any one of the "Talking Trees". Delegates were asked to  consult their programme guides for a map to any one of these locations.

Contacting us if there's a problem
Please address any questions with this site to the Web Editor, available at info@mcart.org

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A note from the editor
You may have seen the front page change multiple times a day, especially as the Conference approached. We are still posting information as fast as we receive it. Please check occasionally for new information.

aids98.ch: What is here and how it works

news will remain availabale for 36 monthsaids98.ch, the official online news service of the 12th World AIDS Conference provided coverage from Sunday 28 June to Friday, 3 July, 1998. The service is now closed, though news will remain available for 36 months.

You can learn more about this service in our feature article from Friday, July 3, 1998.

1. NewsAll the news, as it happens...
available until June 2001 

Today's News was updated several times per day. During the Conference, each day's front page - Today's News - was archived and linked to Yesterday's News. As we learned of schedule changes and/or particularly noteworthy upcoming events for the following day, they were posted in Tomorrow's News. Community & Science News Briefs are session summaries of the entire track's activities for the day as well as shorter stories related to each track. At the end of each day, the page was replaced with a new page of news.

The online news service, aids98.ch, and the on site print newspaper, The Bridge, worked together to bring the latest in news to the world. Many of the same stories available here can also be found in the print newspaper. All past news during the Conference is always available to view or download from the AIDS98 NEWS ARCHIVE.

2.  Find an AbstractOral Sessions Search and Itinerary Builder
There are three ways to find a presentation:

  • Order the Update CD-ROM
  • Use the Build Your Own Programme Based on Abstracts (Itinerary Builder) to search for  a particular abstract presentation or an author's scheduled time(s). Please note that Community Aspects are not available in this abstract search service.
  • Download the Schedule at a Glance to see each day in an easy-to-print format (Acrobat PDF). The Summary of the Programme is a more detailed version of this. Note each day should be downloaded from the schedule page.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can always download it here.

3. Video WebcastInternet broadcast of selected presentations
available until December 1999

Each day, 30-50 oral presentations were broadcast in a way that can still be accessed directly through the Internet. Both Audio and Video are available. It is necessary to have the "Real" programme to view these, available to download for free from this section.

4. Live from Palexpo!Live from Palexpo...See how the Conference looked!
still images available

During the Conference, cameras were installed around the Palexpo venue to allow persons who cannot attend to get a feeling of the Conference. The cameras are necessarily inactive, though they remain available as still images.

5. Your FeedbackFeedback
previously Delegate Messaging

Your feedback on these services is very important to help us plan for the next Conference.

During the Conference, the Delegate Messaging System included an electronic mail address for each registered participant, the Web Cafe in Hall 4, and the Electronic Talking Tree, a network of computer work stations grouped at the base of seven real trees located throughout Palexpo.

Instructions for using the e-mail system were provided on a pink card in the information pouch that delegates received at registration. The delegate number on the Delegates' badges served as the address of each Delegate's e-mail account. Delegates were reminded that:

  • Every delegate’s account had the same password. So it was very important that you change your password the first time you enter the system.
  • To send a message to another delegate, Delegates used the online address book to find their account address.
  • The system was not set up to receive e-mail from systems at home. Delegates were asked to request colleagues to forward their mail to the on site system.

6. Pre-Conference SitePre-Conference Site
available until June 2001 
During the building of the Conference, a more detailed version of this site was prepared. Available here is the much important information regarding planning committees and staff.